WOL Ladder protocol LISTSEARCH command Edit

Direction: Client -> Server (Sent)
Used by: All LadderServer products
Format: LISTSEARCH SKU -1 0 0 0 :[nick_1]:[nick_2]:[nick_n]:
Example: LISTSEARCH 4608 -1 0 0 0 :Nick1:Nick2:NickN:
Remarks: This command is used for getting Rank of [nick] in any WOLv2 game.
Game is specified by SKU. This message is sent if client connect to Lobby. As [nick] is
sent anyone Nick that is joined in Lobby.

Direction: Server -> Client (Received)
Used by: All WOLv2 products
Format: [rank] [nick_1] [points] [wins] [losses] 0 [disconnects]
Example: 8 Nick1 20 4 1 0 1
425 NickN 36 8 6 0 4
Remarks: If server found [rank] of [nick_1] than send first message, if no than send NOTFOUND message.
Each message is sent on one line. In example haven't [nick_2] record in database.

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