HarpyWar's Statistics for PvPGN (HWStats) Edit

Project homepage:

First you need to download latest release from

If the player's accounts are stored in files / cdb, import them into mysql using perl script script/storage/ ( for cdb)

Setup PvPGN config bnetd.conf:

  • Ladder_games = "melee, oneonone"
  • disc_is_loss = true (not required, but it is desirable for players)
  • hide_addr = false (if you want to see game creator IP and Port on the gameinfo page)
  • Output_update_secs = 60
  • XML_status_output = true

Open install.php in your browser and follow the installation

Shell script "hwstats\script\start\parse_reports" should run with an interval (for example 5 minutes). This script parse info from Starcraft game reports to the database mysql.

More about cycling startup scripts, see . If you are windows user, you can try to use "Microsoft Task Sheduler".

If you want to get a new feature, or have a bugreport - please, post your message at

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