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Westwood Online Configuration

Windows :


Troubleshooting · Links games: Edit

  • Diablo 1 v1.09
  • Starcraft v1.08
    • BroodWar v1.08
  • Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition v2.02
  • Diablo 2 v1.10
    • Lord of Destruction v1.10
  • Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos v1.13
    • The Frozen Throne v1.13

Westwood Online games: Edit

  • Westwood Chat client v4.221
  • Command & Conquer Win95 v1.04a (under the Westwood Chat)
  • Red Alert Win95 v2.00 (under the Westwood Chat)
  • Red Alert Win95 v3.03
  • Dune 2000 v1.06
  • Tiberian Sun v2.03 ST-10
    • Firestorm v2.03 ST-10
  • Red Alert 2 v1.006
    • Yuri's Revenge v1.001
  • Nox v1.02b
    • Nox Quest v1.02b
  • Emperor: Battle for Dune v1.09
  • Renegade v1.037

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