PvPGN 1.8.3 | PvPGN 1.8.4 | PvPGN 1.8.5

This version was released on 15 October 2008.

You can get this release from

Major new features

  • Undocumented features (aka bugs) removed
  • Documented previously undocumented features


1.8.4 (2008-10-15)


  • Fix: Possible server crash on many ill-formatted packets


  • Fix: MySQL reconnection issues for MySQL >= 5.0.19


  • Fix: Client not getting proper information when account is already in use


  • Update: Added STAR/SEXP IX86 1.15.3 vcheck entries


  • Fix: Voiced clients unable to talk in moderated channels
  • Update: Added STAR/SEXP IX86 autoupdate entries according to latest client versions
  • Fix: Admins not being able to join private clan channels
  • Fix: Clan leaders not being channel ops in their clan channel

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