This article concerns a current event. Some of its content may therefore be outdated. The article should be given a higher than usual amount of attention while the event remains current.

Nightly Builds
The features mentioned in this section are currently only available in non-production releases such as nightly builds, betas or release candidates. They will most likely be in the upcoming 1.9.0 stable release.

Please remove the template once the feature has been released in a stable version

This is a compilation of features that were introduced in trunk after the 1.8.0 release, that will most probably be in the 1.9.0 stable release. It is not a complete list, but rather an overview of the more noticeable features.

Major Features are features that have a noticeable influence on game-play if used. Smaller new features are listed under Minor Features.

Major FeaturesEdit

Minor FeaturesEdit

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