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Configuration de

Configuration de Westwood Online

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In depth look at the bnetd.conf Edit

bnetd.conf - Configuration file for the Unix daemon

This file is an example configuration and may require modification to
suit your needs or your site. Blank lines and lines starting with a "#"
are ignored. Use quotes around values that contain spaces.

Storage Type Configuration Edit

Storage section

storage_path will tell pvpgn how and where from/to to read/write accounts
right now it supports 2 "drivers" : file and sql


  • for plain file driver:
storage_path = file:mode=plain;dir=<path_to_user_files>;clan=<path_to_clan_files>;team=<path_to_team_files>;default=/path/to/default/account
  • for cdb file driver:
storage_path = file:mode=cdb;dir=<path_to_cdb_files>;clan=<path_to_clan_files>;team=<path_to_team_files>;default=/path/to/default/account
  • for sql/sql2 driver:
storage_path = sql:variable=value;...;default=0 (0 is the default uid)
or storage_path = sql2:variable=value;...;default=0 (0 is the default uid)

Variables for sql/sql2 can be:
- "mode" : tells PVPGN the sql mode you will use (mysql/pgsql/etc..)
- "host" : the database host
- "port" : the TCP/IP port if needed
- "socket" : the UNIX local socket if needed
- "name" : database name
- "user" : db username
- "pass" : db password
- "default" : specify the UID to use for the default account data
- "prefix" : prefix to use for all pvpgn tables (default "")

storage_path = file:mode=plain;dir=var\users;clan=var\clans;team=var\teams\;default=conf\bnetd_default_user.plain
storage_path = file:mode=cdb;dir=var\userscdb;clan=var\clans;team=var\teams\;default=conf\bnetd_default_user.cdb
storage_path = sql:mode=mysql;host=;name=PVPGN;user=pvpgn;pass=pvpgnrocks;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql:mode=pgsql;host=;name=pvpgn;user=pvpgn;pass=pvpgnrocks;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql:mode=sqlite3;name=var\users.db;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql:mode=odbc;name=PVPGN;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql2:mode=mysql;host=;name=PVPGN;user=pvpgn;pass=pvpgnrocks;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql2:mode=pgsql;host=;name=pvpgn;user=pvpgn;pass=pvpgnrocks;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql2:mode=sqlite3;name=var\users.db;default=0;prefix=pvpgn_
storage_path = sql2:mode=odbc;name=PVPGN;prefix=pvpgn_

storage_path = file:mode=plain;dir=var\users;clan=var\clans;team=var\teams;default=conf\bnetd_default_user.plain

File Storage Location Edit

File section

The pidfile can be set to "" to turn it off.
Use absolute paths in these lines to avoid problems!

filedir     = files
reportdir   = var\reports
chanlogdir  = var\chanlogs
motdfile    = conf\bnmotd.txt
issuefile   = conf\bnissue.txt
channelfile = conf\channel.conf
newsfile    = conf\news.txt
adfile      = conf\ad.conf
topicfile   = conf\topics.conf
ipbanfile   = conf\bnban.conf
helpfile    = conf\bnhelp.conf
transfile   = conf\address_translation.conf
mpqfile     = conf\autoupdate.conf
logfile     = var\bnetd.log
realmfile   = conf\realm.conf
versioncheck_file = conf\versioncheck.conf
mapsfile    = conf\bnmaps.conf
xplevelfile = conf\bnxplevel.conf
xpcalcfile  = conf\bnxpcalc.conf
#pidfile    = var\
ladderdir    = var\ladders
command_groups_file = conf\command_groups.conf
statusdir   = var\status
aliasfile   = conf\bnalias.conf
anongame_infos_file = conf\anongame_infos.conf
DBlayoutfile = conf\sql_DB_layout.conf
supportfile = conf\supportfile.conf

fortunecmd  = bin\fortune.exe

Logging Edit

Message logs

Multiple log levels can be defined by connecting them with a comma (,) Available loglevels are:   none   trace   debug   info   warn   error   fatal  #loglevels = fatal,error,warn,info,debug,trace

loglevels = fatal,error

Diablo II Character Server Settings Edit

D2CS realm server settings

Version of D2CS server to connect with (set to zero to disable version check)

d2cs_version = 0

Allow the D2CS server to change realm names?

allow_d2cs_setname = true

Downloadable Files Edit

Downloadable files

These filenames are reported directly to the client and are relative to
the "filedir" directory specified above.

iconfile = "icons.bni"
war3_iconfile = "icons-WAR3.bni"
star_iconfile = "icons_STAR.bni"

tosfile = "tos.txt"

Allowed Game Clients and Settings Edit

Client verification and upgrades

This option lists the client types allowed to connect (only valid for
the bnet protocol). The list is a comma separated list of any of the
following elements:
all : all client types allowed (default)
chat : client type "CHAT" allowed (used by some bot software)
dshr : client type Diablo 1 Shareware
drtl : client type Diablo 1 (Retail)
sshr : client type Starcraft Shareware
star : client type Starcraft
sexp : client type Starcraft Broodwar
w2bn : client type Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition
d2dv : client type Diablo 2
d2xp : client type Diablo 2 LOD
war3 : client type Warcraft III (Reign Of Chaos)
w3xp : client type Warcraft III Frozen Throne

Example: allowed_clients = war3,w3xp

allowed_clients = all

If this option is enabled, the verification step is skipped if possible.
This only works with clients < 109. It is useful because you no longer
need any of the IX86AUTH?.MPQ and PMACAUTH?.MPQ files. Note that it will
also skip over all the autoupdate checks effectively disabling it.

If you disable this you must have one or more of the MPQ files. Otherwise
clients will hang when they first connect because they are attempting to
download them. The versioncheck can only be skipped for clients older
than 109. Starting with version 109 the clients will always do version
checking since they do not function properly if the server does not
request it.

skip_versioncheck = false

If you enable the version checks but want to allow clients that don't pass
the checksum test then enable this.

allow_bad_version = false

If you enable the version checks but want to allow clients that aren't
listed in the versioncheck configuration file then enable this. Unless
you have a very complete file or are very paranoid about cheaters this
is a good idea.

allow_unknown_version = true

This defines how the exeinfo field in the versioncheck file is being
checked. You can choose between no match at all [none] (default),
exact match [exact], exact case-sensitive match [exactcase], dumb wildcard
match [wildcard], and parsed value comparison [parse].
NOTE: [parse] needs the mktime() function and might therefore not work on
every system.

version_exeinfo_match = none

If you have choosen [parse] above, this is the tolerance with which
the time can differ. The value must be given in seconds. If it's 0 this
check is disabled.

version_exeinfo_maxdiff = 0

File Update Timing Edit

Time values

Time in seconds between account file updates, 0 means wait forever.

usersync  = 300

Number of seconds of inactivity before file is unloaded from memory.
(only checked during account file updates)

userflush = 1200

Number of users checked for updates at once. Higher values make sense if you
either have very fast hardware or you don't have many number of accounts.
Lower values make sense if you have very high CPU usage on the system you run
the server (dont make it too low or your system will save accounts continously).
Modify this value ONLY if you know what you are doing!!

userstep = 100

How often to send user latency tests in seconds.

latency = 600

How often to send null or keepalive packets in seconds.

nullmsg = 120

Amount of time to delay shutting down server in seconds.

shutdown_delay = 300

Amount of time delay period is decremented by either a SIGTERM or SIGINT
(control-c) signal in seconds.

shutdown_decr = 60

How often should bans be checked for expiration? (in seconds)  #ipban_check_int = 30

Server Policies Edit

Policy options

If you don't want people to be able to create new accounts, set this to

new_accounts = true

Set this to the maximum number of accounts you want to allow to be
created on your server. A value of 0 means infinite and is the default.
 #max_accounts = 0

If someone attempts to log in more than once, should it kick off the old
login, or deny the new one?

kick_old_login = true

 #kick_old_login = false With no passwords, this is bad to have enabled --NonReal

load_new_account option has been eliminated and the functionality now is always active in PvPGN

If a user is creating a new channel, should it be added automatically, or
prompt them first?

ask_new_channel = true

Should a game report be written for every game played or just ladder
 #report_all_games = false

report_all_games = true

Should Diablo I/II reports be written? There are no winners/losers.

report_diablo_games = false

Should games with passwords be hidden on the game list?

hide_pass_games = true

Should games already started be hidden on the game list? (for heavily
loaded servers)

hide_started_games = true

Should non-permanent channels hidden on the channel list?

hide_temp_channels = true

Should the extended /-commands be avaliable? (of course!)

extra_commands = true

Should any and all disconnects to be counted as losses?
(Turning this on will override the user's choice in ladder games!)

disc_is_loss = false

List additional game types to be counted as ladder games
Curently allowed types: topvbot, melee, ffa, oneonone
Example: ladder_games = "topvbot,oneonone"

ladder_games = "none"

If additional game types are configured (see above) to be counted as ladder
games then this setting configures a game name prefix to make only games
which match this game name prefix be counted as ladder. This allows to
still have normal games of the game types configured with "ladder_games"
directive. However if this setting is commented or "" then ALL games
which match the game types configured with "ladder_games" are to be
considered as ladder games. The prefix checking is CASE SENSITIVE!
Example: ladder_prefix = "ldr_"

ladder_prefix = ""

Should all users be able to use the /con and /connections commands?

enable_conn_all = true

Should client IP addresses (from /con, /games, /gameinfo, /netinfo)
be hidden from non-admins?

hide_addr = false

Should private channel messages be logged to files in the chanlogdir
directory? (see channels.list for public channels)

chanlog = false

Do you want to use the channel quota feature?

quota = yes

The following options deal with flood prevention.

How many lines do you accept in quota_time seconds?
(The default should allow 5 lines in 5 seconds,
longer time periods allow "bursts" of traffic before the quota is full.)

quota_lines = 5     # must be between 1 and 100 lines
quota_time = 5      # must be between 1 and 60 seconds

"virtual wrapping", so long lines count as multiple lines

quota_wrapline = 40 # must be between 1 to 256 chars

absolute maximum characters allowed in a line

quota_maxline = 200 # must be between 1 to 256 chars

How many lines do you accept in quota_time seconds before user is
(According to Jung-woo, Dobae is a Korean term for flooding the game server...
it originally meant "to paint the wallpaper on a new or refurbished house").
If it less than or equal to quota_lines, there is no warning before
disconnection so don't set this too low.

quota_dobae = 10     # must be between 1 and 100 lines

Mail support

mail_support = true
mail_quota = 5

Channel logging message

log_notice = "*** Please note this channel is logged! ***"

Ban on repeated password fails against bruteforce password thieves
Fails required to get ip banned (0 to disable ban on password fail)

passfail_count = 0

Password fail IP ban duration (in seconds)

passfail_bantime = 300

Max users limit in private channels (0 = unlimited)

maxusers_per_channel = 0

User Account Configuration Edit

Account configuration

Should account files be named by the account number or the player name?

savebyname = true

Save the account data on logoff

sync_on_logoff = false

How man rows should the account lookup hash table have? Servers with
more accounts should use a larger table for better performance.

hashtable_size = 61

Per default, only alphanumerical symbols are allowed in account names
with this variable you can add some extra symbols to be allowed
but be warned - that some of them might cause trouble - at least with
savebyname=true (some symbols are forbidden in filenames or might cause
you real trouble - plz neither allow wildcard symbols like '*' or '?'.
Path delimiters like '/' or '\' are hardcoded filtered and can't be allowed.
Also note that allowing the '.' might cause u some headache on win32 systems.
You have been warned - the rest is up to you.
default setting is "-_[]" as it was previous versions

account_allowed_symbols = "-_[]"

This setting affects users that login with their uid rather than their
username. If set to true their displayed username will be forcefully
converted to their registered account name.

account_force_username = false

maximum number of friends a user can add to there friends list default setting is 20

max_friends = 20

Tracking Server Configuration Edit

Tracking server info

Set track=0 to disable tracking. Any other number will set number
of seconds between sending tracking packets. This is OFF by default.
 #track = 0

track = 60

10 minutes

Tracking server(s)
Use a comma delimited list of hostnames with optional UDP port numbers
after colons. (port 6114 is the default for the newer tracking protocol)
 #trackaddrs = ",localhost:9999"
 #trackaddrs = ""

Change these to match your system, for example:

location = "unknown"
description = "unknown"
url = "unknown"
contact_name = "a PvPGN user"
contact_email = "unknown"

Network and Server Identification Edit

Server network info

Servername by which the server identifies itself (default: "PvPGN Realm")  #servername = "PvPGN Realm"

Set this to the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed on
this server (minimum 32). This limit sets a general server connection
limit, NOT the concurrent user limit (for that see next option)

max_connections = 1000

Maximum number of concurrent users (0 means unlimited).

max_concurrent_logins = 0

Set this option to true to allow TCP to detect and close stale

use_keepalive = false

Limit maximum number of connections per IP (0 = unlimited)
this feature is new, so no recommended value so far

max_conns_per_IP = 0

This is a comma delimited list of hostnames that the server should
listen on. It might be useful to make an internal-only server on a
gateway machine for example. If the list is not set or if it has a
entry with no host component, the server will bind to that port on all
 #servaddrs = ":9999"
 #servaddrs = ",localhost"

servaddrs = ":" # default interface (all) and default port (6112)

Don't change these unless you really need to! You will need to run a proxy
or modify the clients. Also note that these will not change when simply
sending a HUP signal to the server; they are only read on startup.

This is the port the server send the UDP test packets to by default.
Setting it to zero makes the server use the same port as the TCP connection
comes from. Newer clients can override this setting on a per connection
 #udptest_port = 6112

W3 Play Game router address. Just put your server address in here
or use for server to bind to all interfaces,
but make sure you set up w3trans if you do.

w3routeaddr = ""

w3routeshow has been removed.
see the address_translation.conf for translating the w3route ip for local networks

initkill_timer sets up a periodic timer on init/defer class connections
this should detect and clean up stale connections to your server

initkill_timer = 120

Westwood Online Settings Edit

Westwood Online (WOL) configuration

NOTE: WOL support is still experimental!

This specifies the addresses where IRC connections should be accepted. See
the description of servaddrs for formatting information. Leave this field
blank if you do not want to accept IRC connections. If the port is not
specifed then 4005 will be used. Note: DO NOT SET THE PORT TO ANYTHING OTHER
 #woladdrs = ":4005"

Just leave these as default (unless you know the timezone, longitiude and latitude
of your server

woltimezone = "-8"
wollongitude = "36.1083"
wollatitude = "-115.0582"

IRC Settings Edit

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) configuration

NOTE: IRC support is still experimental!

This specifies the addresses where IRC connections should be accepted. See
the description of servaddrs for formatting information. Leave this field
blank if you do not want to accept IRC connections. If the port is not
specifed then 6667 will be used.
 #ircaddrs = ":6667"

This is the IRC network name. If this is not specified then the default of
"PvPGN" will be used.
 #irc_network_name = "PvPGN"

This is the hostname used for IRC connections. Set this to your
hostname, if the automatic detection doesn't correctly.
 #hostname = "none"

Set this to the desired IRC connection timeout in seconds.
 #irc_latency = 180

Telnet Settings Edit

Telnet configuration

This specifies the addresses where telnet connections should be accepted.
See the description of servaddrs for formatting information. Leave this
field # blank if you do not want to accept telnet connections. If the port
is not specifed then 23 will be used.
 #telnetaddrs = ":23"

WarCraft III Ladder Game Configuration Edit

war3 ladder textual output
this is for all the guys, that want Warcraft 3 ladder, but don't want their
server to run with MySQL support.
For each ladder (solo, team, ffa, at) a corresponing file is created,
so it's easy to build your ladder pages with them

the following value determines, at which rate, these files are created
set to 0 if you don't want or need these files

war3_ladder_update_secs = 300

jfro's latest ladder is based on XML... so we can switch to XML output of ladder
on demand. Maybe we should set update interval bigger cause XML output version
is much more verbose than the standard output

XML_output_ladder = false

Server Status Configuration Edit

server status textual output
This is for writing status of the server in an attempt to see number of user
on line actually, and games/chans.
This is store in file var\status\warcraft3.dat as a *.ini format.
Shouldn't be so hard in php to create dynamic website using this content.

the following value determines, at which rate, these files are created
set to 0 if you don't want or need these files

output_update_secs = 60

jfro's latest ladder is based on XML... so we can switch to XML output of ladder
on demand. Maybe we should set update interval bigger cause XML output version
is much more verbose than the standard output

XML_status_output = false

Clan Settings Edit

clan settings

Time in hours for a new member of clan to be a newer(Peon icon, cannot premote to Grunt)
default value 168(7 days). If set to 0, all new members could be promote in no time

clan_newer_time = 0

max members count allowed in a clan, set between 10 and 100, default 50.

clan_max_members = 50

Default clan channel status when create a clan, 1 for private, 0 for public

clan_channel_default_private = 0

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